Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to have insurance?

You must have renters insurance on your valuables, just like when you rent an apartment. Tenants are strongly encouraged to check with their insurance provider to ensure that off-site storage is covered in their policy.

How much notice do I need to give to vacate?

We require 15 days written notice to vacate your unit. Once you have removed all of your items –remove the lock and leave the door to the unit open so we know it is empty.

What is a drive-up unit?

A drive-up unit is a ground floor or outdoor unit that has its own loading area. These units are ideal for storing your large, heavy items or equipment as you have the ability to load your belongings directly from a vehicle or truck.

What is the admin fee and cleaning deposit?

A one-time admin fee of $25.00 plus tax is applied at the start of each new rental. This fee helps to balance the costs involved with completing the lease packet. We also require a $40 refundable cleaning deposit. You’ll get this back if you remove all your belongings and clean out the unit upon exiting.

What is climate controlled vs non-climate controlled?

A Climate-controlled storage unit is kept at a temperature between 55 and 85 degrees (F). In general, climate-controlled storage is beneficial for storing valuable or environmentally-sensitive items. Our climate-controlled storage units are indoor, and with stable temperatures and humidity levels, your valuables will be better protected from damage in long-term storage. Our climate controlled units DO NOT control humidity.